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The city that never sleeps inspires films, songs and clichés alike. As a place to work, it is an environment in which you can thrive and where everyone is out to succeed. Having grown the office here over the past four years, I think New York surpasses many locations as a place to be.

The food. Food is important in New York and not only is the quality high, the portions are big and most places over delivery. While places in London shut down overnight, you can get almost anything you want, at any time of the day or night in New York.

The coffee. Like food, coffee is important to New Yorkers; real New Yorkers can’t live without a morning cup. And there are plenty of great coffee shops for you to take advantage of, whether you are starting your day or having a quick meeting.

If you can make it here… Often quoted, the accepted sentiment is that if you can make it in the past paced environment of New York, you can make it anywhere. I’m not sure if it is true or not, but a stint working in New York certainly helps your career, when looking to relocate elsewhere.

The views. My office is mid-town, right by Grand Central Station. Everywhere I turn, there are fantastic landmarks and the view from the roof-top terrace is fantastic. Working in New York is inspiring; there are so many fantastic places to see, just on your everyday commute.

The weather. So the Summer can be sweltering and the Winter freezing, but like everything else, New York does weather with style. The seasons are real, picturesque and each season makes you feel like you are in a new city. I love it.

The people. The people in New York are open, engaging and fantastic networkers. They love opening up about who they know, who you know, and who they can introduce you to. It is a much friendlier place to do business than some other cities and the love to see people do well.

Your career. New Yorkers are ambitious, career focussed and love a success story. If you have that drive and ambition, you are going to fit right in. It is a great place to get ahead and to work with like-minded people, who will show you that as far as work goes, anything is possible.

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