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The war for cyber talent is here. And we help you to win.


The war for cyber talent is here. And we help you to win.

We support our clients beyond their recruitment requirements, providing detailed one-to-one market intelligence, recruitment trends and proactive presentation of A-Player passive talent to support practice growth.

BeecherMadden is a team of high-skilled recruitment professionals, dedicated across our chosen niche areas of focus. Our staff are trained to the highest standards in recruitment strategy, our industries and candidate & client quality.

Latest Industry News

The Importance of Salary Surveys

By Janoi Watson Salary surveys are rarely recognised for the importance they hold. The surveys offer a gathering of incomes from businesses worldwide that can be studied and associated to your own organisation. Salary surveys essentially collect information from various…

What The Acquisition Process Can Reveal About Company Culture

One of the things I had been most proud of about my business was our culture. I knew my employees well and I was confident in my ability to introduce positive changes. This aside, I wasn’t immune to surprises, and…

We Have Won Security Recruitment Company of the Year!

We won “Security Recruitment Company of the Year” at the Computing Security Awards 2019! We are elated to have been nominated and won. Thank you to everyone who voted.

Why Is Cyber Security Awareness Important?

By Janoi Watson Cybersecurity awareness needs to be made a priority, not just for personal usage but also for businesses. Every business is at risk of a cyber-attack. In 2018, it was reported that nearly 70% of businesses had experienced…

Attracting and Retaining Staff for a Fusion Center

The best way to collaborate talent within a security eco-system By Karl Sharman Fusion Centers were formed following the devastating 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and now mainly form a way of analyzing and dissecting threat intelligence. It initially…

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