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Partha is the Director of Infrastructure Security Architecture at Bank of Montreal. Partha last week left Insurance company Guardian Life for a new exciting challenge at BMO in New York! Partha has worked at major organisations such as Bank of America and JP Morgan all within cyber security architecture, engineering and strategy. He has two Masters of Science within Technology and Cyber Security.

Key Minutes
03:10 – Getting into cybersecurity
04:20 – Why engineering & architecture
05:30 – Definition of Cybersecurity & AAA
08:02 – Goal of Architecture
10:42 – Changing cybersecurity architecture
15:50 – How do you work across a large organisation to impact risk?
19:00 – Banking to Insurance
21:35 – Linking strategy to architecture
23:30 – Prioritising what needs to be worked on
25:21 – Managing a large number of customers for architecture
27:20 – Implementing new technologies like Cloud
28:22 – What do you class as a strong security framework?
29:50 – Biggest challenges
31:45 – What is your recommendation in securing funding for new roles or technologies?
34:30 – What advice would you give to people looking to get into cybersecurity?
37:00 – 10 Quick Fire Questions

Key Points
– AAA within cybersecurity: Awareness, agility & advanced technology
– Be close to the business
– Always plan and prioritise

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