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BeecherMadden has partnered with CG/LA Infrastructure, a purpose-driven organization that creates long-term value in the world’s infrastructure markets, to highlight the importance of improving cyber security in critical infrastructure. Their study, ‘The Cyber Battlefield is Heading for Critical Infrastructure’ has been published ahead of this week’s 10th North American Infrastructure Leadership Forum in Dallas.

Managing Director, Karla Reffold and US-Vice President, Karl Sharman from BeecherMadden will be holding a discussion group at the event today alongside Scott Corzine (Senior Managing Director of Ankura Consulting) and Elizabeth Rojas Levi (Senior Director Public Affair & Government Relations of Nokia Corporation) to raise awareness of the effects of cyber security on critical infrastructure.

They’ll be asking and answering industry-changing questions surrounding cyber security in critical infrastructure; “Critical infrastructure poses an increasing risk of cyber-attacks from certain foreign governments, criminals, terrorist groups, and even your own employees. The weapons used can wreak destruction and even kill people. It’s time to forget who is attacking you and focus on the how; especially as the borders of cyberspace are unclear and rapidly evolving. What are the approaches and frameworks to mitigate risk and minimize impact?”

The discussion group will focus on the investigation that BeecherMadden has collaborated with CG/LA Infrastructure on and the insightful white-paper will be available at the conference. The investigation provides case studies and examples of cyber-attacks on infrastructure companies and outlines scenarios that the industry could face should companies not protect themselves against potential cyber-attacks. BeecherMadden also provide their expertise in how best to avoid future cyber-attacks and build an effective cyber security team within your company.

The white-paper will also be available to read online. To find out more about BeecherMadden, visit their website To find out more about CG/LA Infrastructure, visit their website, or visit the event page at The discussion group will commence at 15:05 local time (Dallas, TX).

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