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Ben is CTO and cofounder of Obsidian Security. He previously cofounded Carbon Black and most recently served as the company’s chief security strategist. He has also has been a lecturer at University of Chicago’s Masters Program in Computer Science and a cybersecurity specialist at the National Security Agency (NSA) as well as serving on the board of a variety of security companies.

Key Minutes
1:30 The first time Ben heard of Cyber Security
4:00 What does cyber security mean to you?
6:40 Starting Carbon Black
9:15 Carbon Black reaching a global audience
10:58 Staying in front of your competitors
13:00 Why did you leave Carbon Black?
14:47 Starting Obsidian Security
19:45 What’s unique about Obsidian?
24:17 Being a CTO
27:40 Learning from previous lessons
31:42 Hiring strategy
35:27 Retaining high level talent
38:48 Standing out from the crowd
42:27 Democratising cyber security
54:30 Biggest tips for founders or entrepreneurs
56:30 Ten Quick Fire Questions

Key Points
– Take the approach of people first
– If you have 100 employees, that 100 people increases the risk because they are human
– When hiring we emphasis culture fit. You have to focus on character.
– If we don’t retain our staff, its because we haven’t created the right environment

You can find:
Obsidian on Twitter at: @obsidiansec
Ben on Twitter at: @chicagoben

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Twitter: @zero_hourpod
Instagram: @zerohourexperience



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