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Chris Baynham-Hughes is the UK Head of DevOps & Redhat Emerging Technology at ATOS. His background is in software delivery, business transformation, process re-engineering, practice management and business strategy. Chris works with clients to deliver solutions that not only transform delivery capability, but also set a sustained culture of relentless improvement. When Chris is not undertaking adventures in DevOps Chris is usually found running and swimming around the mountains.

Key points:
– Achieve the balance of both cultural and technological change required to maximise ROI
– Recognise, address and solve business problems
– Focus activities on pain points rather than ‘DevOps by numbers’

Key minutes:
5:30 emerging Technolgoies
8:00 first leadership role
12:30 measuring happiness in your team
16:00 what is Devops
20:00 Open shift containers
24:30 Procurement/Vendors
28:00 Benefits to the business for implementing Devops
45:00 Helping implement cultures
50:00 Emerging technologies in transformation
59:30 A high performing team
01:10:30 Ten Quick Fire Questions

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