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The war for cyber talent is here. And we help you to win.


The war for cyber talent is here. And we help you to win.

We support our clients beyond their recruitment requirements, providing detailed one-to-one market intelligence, recruitment trends and proactive presentation of A-Player passive talent to support practice growth.

BeecherMadden is a team of high-skilled recruitment professionals, dedicated across our chosen niche areas of focus. Our staff are trained to the highest standards in recruitment strategy, our industries and candidate & client quality.

Latest Industry News

INTERVIEW: Karla Reffold – Cyber Talks with Femi Owolade-Coombes

Karla Reffold interviews HackerFemo about how he is getting young people interested in coding and what he thinks about cyber security.

INTERVIEW: Karla Reffold – Cyber Talks with Kirsten Connell

Karla Reffold interviews Cylon MD Kirsten Connell about how to start a cyber security company, what makes them successful and where the industry is heading.

INTERVIEW: Karla Reffold – Cyber Talks with Naveen Vasudeva

Karla Reffold interviews Naveen Vasudeva for Cyber Talks. Speaking about how to become a CISO, how to be successful as a CISO and how to improve security.

The Workplace Program That May Solve The Skills Gap Problem In Cybersecurity

There is a major skills gap in cybersecurity. This isn’t news — research from the Center for Cyber Safety and Education puts the figure at 1.8 million fewer workers than jobs by 2022. The same group found that the industry is only…

Karla Reffold accepted into Forbes Human Resources Council

Forbes Human Resources Council is an Invitation-Only Community for HR Executives Across All Industries London, 26th March 2018 Karla Reffold, MD and Founder of BeecherMadden, the leading governance recruitment company based in London and New York, has been accepted into…

Who has been hacked this month, and who should be worried?

Tesco Bank and Three have both made the headlines in the past couple of weeks, as victims of a large cyber security attack. Law firms based in Ireland have seen increases in cyber attacks of up to 50% and there…

What will happen for cyber jobs in 2017?

As we approach 2017, BeecherMadden looks at what may change for cyber jobs next year. What trends in the industry are going to impact those in cyber jobs and their salaries? Plus, we review some of the predictions we made…

Obama reviews election cyber attacks

President Obama has asked the intelligence agencies to review cyber attacks that took place with the 2016 Presidential election. During the campaign, Preseident-Elect Trump, called for hackers to release Clinton’s emails and refused to attribute attacks to Russia, despite intelligence…

What will happen for compliance jobs in 2017?

Stronger enforcement for compliance 2016 has been another year of fines for a number of organisations who have not complied with a whole range of legislation, both in the UK and the US. The US seem to have been a…

What will happen for risk jobs and resilience jobs in 2017?

We look at what trends might impace risk jobs and resilience jobs in 2017. Plus we review if the predictions we made at the start of 2016 came to fruition. Healthcare is the biggest focus Healthcare records are now worth…

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