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The war for cyber talent is here. And we help you to win.


The war for cyber talent is here. And we help you to win.

We support our clients beyond their recruitment requirements, providing detailed one-to-one market intelligence, recruitment trends and proactive presentation of A-Player passive talent to support practice growth.

BeecherMadden is a team of high-skilled recruitment professionals, dedicated across our chosen niche areas of focus. Our staff are trained to the highest standards in recruitment strategy, our industries and candidate & client quality.

Latest Industry News

Being a man in a minority

For years I have been fortunate enough to work for some great companies and brands with many great managers, but you soon realise from reviewing my career that I have always been in male dominated sectors (soccer/football, finance, cybersecurity and…

Why changing your mindset on your biggest ICS risk is essential?

In a world full of threats, cybersecurity staffing could be the leading risk. By Karl Sharman, Vice-President, BeecherMadden 58% of the companies surveyed by Kaspersky (2018) classify it as a major challenge to hire Industrial control systems (ICS) cybersecurity employees…

Our journey since the acquisition

Questions for BeecherMadden and Nicoll Curtin   Why did Nicoll Curtin and BeecherMadden decide to join forces last year? Nicoll Curtin have a clear acquisition and business start-up strategy that will enable us to be a global leader in technology…

Our purpose

We are a competitive group of people who are committed to delivering our honest views to our clients, candidates and each other.¬† As a result, our purpose is also very honest. We like to win. We want our clients to…

Gender parity in cyber security, International women’s day

Since 2015, BeecherMadden has conducted and published research on gender salary differences within cybersecurity. Until 2018, our research found that women were being paid up to 30% more than their male equivalents. As well as the drive to increase diversity…

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