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The war for cyber talent is here. And we help you to win.


The war for cyber talent is here. And we help you to win.

We support our clients beyond their recruitment requirements, providing detailed one-to-one market intelligence, recruitment trends and proactive presentation of A-Player passive talent to support practice growth.

BeecherMadden is a team of high-skilled recruitment professionals, dedicated across our chosen niche areas of focus. Our staff are trained to the highest standards in recruitment strategy, our industries and candidate & client quality.

Latest Industry News

Building Your Cyber Talent Pool Early in 2020

Start early to win in the war for talent By Karl Sharman As we near the end of the first quarter in 2020, you should have a strong idea of what you can hire or what you must hire during the year. The next step is to understand the following: –  Budget –  Skill Location…

5 Recruitment Predictions in Cybersecurity For 2020

By Karl Sharman As we prepare for more figures to be produced saying the amount of jobs unfilled has increased by another 20%, I want to challenge every person in a hiring capacity to really ask yourself – am I doing enough to ensure this role is filled? The industry is crying out for change…

Cybersecurity Job Hunting Advice: Analyse What Skills You Need

By Janoi Watson Establishing the path in cybersecurity you’d like to take, somewhat makes your job search easier. Each role requires a different skillset, as a result of this you must consider what skills you have that correlate with the roles you are most interested in. Cybersecurity is a fast-moving and constantly evolving market, with…

Cybersecurity Job Hunting Advice: Understand the Opportunities Available

With cybersecurity being such a broad sector, those searching for jobs must understand the versatility it offers. Some of the roles are very technical, such as penetration testers or security architects. Other roles are more people-focused, such as cybersecurity awareness managers. There are roles within sales, marketing and training. Understanding the different type of roles…

Cybersecurity Job Hunting Advice: Networking

By Janoi Watson Whether you are beginning a career in cybersecurity or expanding on your current sector, it is always important to have substantial advice to make it easier for yourself. Networking is a very simple, yet effective way of finding a job in the cybersecurity sector. The simplest way to begin is to go…

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