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Conor is currently VP of Security at Clear after recently leaving Apollo Global Management as Director of Cyber Security. Conor has successfully built, redesigned, and reinvigorated cyber security programs for fast paced, high performing companies. By leveraging security orchestration and automation (SOAR), and machine learning techniques, Conor delivers highly effective Security Operation Centers (SOCs), Threat Intelligence and hunting capabilities.

The programs are aligned with business objectives, and bring exponential threat reduction with incremental investment. He takes a “hands on” leadership style and builds programs with a first principles mindset following the Agile methodology.

Key minutes
07:25 – What Cyber Security Means
08:30 – Defining Confidence
10:30 – Why would a organisation spend more on Cyber Security?
17:50 – How would you go out and assess vulnerabilities within an organisation?
22:15 – Would knowing your vulnerabilities help organisations move forwards
23:50 – The difference between a SOC and a threat intelligence program
27:00 – External vs internal threats
30:10 – Implementing these into any organisation
35:00 – The difference between a threat intelligence and threat hunter program
38:40 – Selecting the right vendors
44:25 – How long does it to build a program?
46:00 – What does success look like?
49:10 – Building the next generation of Investigation centres

Key Points
– Everything with Cyber Security has to bring integrity, trust and confidence
– Security needs to be integrated within everything from day one
– Threat intelligence is your lead indicator of an attack. SOC is your response. Threat hunting is you being pro-active before an attack has or is about to happen.

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