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By Janoi Watson

Whether you are beginning a career in cybersecurity or expanding on your current sector, it is always important to have substantial advice to make it easier for yourself. Networking is a very simple, yet effective way of finding a job in the cybersecurity sector.

The simplest way to begin is to go to some events and network. Effective networking is being clear about your employment objectives. It important that you do an intricate self-assessment and reflection, this can provide significant information about who you are and what you want when sharing with contacts. Preparing yourself for these occasions by curating talking points and practise delivering them. Quite often at these events, you’ll find that other people have the same goals as you and will be glad to exchange business cards.

As well as networking via face to face interactions, the internet is also a great option for networking. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can offer you a lot in the job-seeking sense. LinkedIn allows you to search by various factors including company or job title, and then reach out to professionals at those companies to connect with them. You can use Twitter to research your target companies and to connect with recruiters or relevant hiring managers by liking, retweeting, or engaging with what they post. Visiting discussion boards like the Job Forums to network with career professionals and other job seekers can also help.

Networking via events doesn’t always have to be event-based, this networking can be through family, friends, neighbours, etc. You can take a direct approach and ask for job leads or try a less formal approach and ask for information and advice. Make contact with everyone you know; it may be surprising by the people they know that can ultimately help your career. The more phone calls you make, the easier it will become. Email is an acceptable way to network, keep the professional, brief and to the point and be sure to check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

The cybersecurity industry is very wide and is in need of people. Showing an interest before the right people can quickly provide individuals with jobs. Just being at the event demonstrates your interest level. It allows you to connect quickly with relevant professionals who can help you make that next move. Networking is vital for those who want to quickly advance their career within cybersecurity. Meeting new people at the right events shows that you are involved in the industry and committed to your professional development.

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