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With cybersecurity being such a broad sector, those searching for jobs must understand the versatility it offers. Some of the roles are very technical, such as penetration testers or security architects. Other roles are more people-focused, such as cybersecurity awareness managers. There are roles within sales, marketing and training. Understanding the different type of roles can help you work out where you might fit, be sure to research and know your options.

The cybersecurity market requirements are always evolving. At any time, career avenues could be closed off as well as new pathways opening. Make sure you are fully informed about the current opportunities, trends in the market and new opportunities.

Job boards and career websites frequently post vacancies and employment opportunities, these sites usually allow you to specify the job title, location, salary and more which makes your search somewhat easier. Often federal or state governments will provide job boards and job banks that job seekers can access. You can also use job search engines on the internet or the vast number of career-related websites that post job openings. Job fairs targeted at the cybersecurity industry are great opportunities to present yourself to companies, often enough these organisations may offer on-site interviews. Job fairs are a great environment to network, you can succeed at networking in these environments by introducing yourself, maintaining eye contact and taking initiative throughout these conversations; once these events are finished, always follow up with who you have networked. For a more in-depth look at networking, take a look at our most recent networking article

Company websites are also a great source for live roles. If you already have an idea of which companies you would like to work for, head to the career section of their website or watching for openings they may have. If you watch for openings on their site, there’s a chance you’ll find just the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for. Build a list of employers that you would like to work for and visit their websites habitually. If you’re set on working for a specific company, it may take some time to find just the opportunity that fits your skillset, however, this might be the ideal technique for finding the job you want. You can also follow companies on LinkedIn – this will provide you with real-time job postings and company growth hiring.

While you job hunt, work on attaining further certifications and enhancing your skills. Look at what skills the jobs you are interested in requiring and work on acquiring those skills so that you can add them to your resume. Plan for how you will advance your education. Employers like to hear that candidates have ambition, aspirations and the desire to pursue higher education. Employers are always interested in hearing about self-studying / self-educating on any Cyber topics.

If you’re looking for some professional help in your job search, Headhunters and recruitment agencies can help. At BeecherMadden, we locate individuals to fill a specific vacancy within the cybersecurity industry or find a position for the job hunter.

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