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BeecherMadden consider their cybersecurity predictions in 2019 and the impact this may have for cybersecurity jobs.

1 – Call centres become a bigger target
With better cyber defences for our online payment systems, call centres might be a company’s weak link. We are already seeing new cyber jobs from companies who have recognised this risk and want to mitigate it. So far, losses seem small but with new AI and chat bots, that could all change. We could see the approaches evolve and the cost of targeting call centres could reduce dramatically. We foresee an increase in fraud jobs or cyber jobs that are focussed on the threats to call centres.

2 – Increased industry collaboration
The bad guys talk to each other often, sharing tips and information on potential targets. With this joined up approach, they are more efficient. Company collaboration has been happening in certain industries for a number of years. Those in crisis management jobs and business continuity jobs have done this very well. More people in the cyber industry are now saying that there is a need to share this information. This need has been increased, as an attack on your competitor, no longer helps you, it just highlights that a vulnerability exists, to your customers.

3 – Data becomes a commodity
We are seeing an increase in the conversations about what value we can attribute to data. With data protection at the forefront of people’s minds, we may well see a shift in how we view data. Consumers are starting to understand how their data is used, what they are giving up, and considering what they want in return. With the right to be forgotten and to move their data elsewhere, consumers suddenly have an awareness of their power. If this catches on, we may well see consumers demanding something back.

4 – Industrial control systems experience more hacks
Industrial control systems have generally been installed by organisations, with little thought given to the security. There are many reports of companies who don’t change the default passwords, leaving themselves vulnerable. As these vulnerabilities become more publicised, the low barrier to breaching them becomes obvious. As the commercial value increases, we expect to see an increase in hacks coming from this sector.

5 – Consolidation in the vendor space
2018 has seen a number of large acquisitions for cybersecurity companies. We are also still seeing new companies enter the industry. Some of these have truly innovative solutions to new issues. Some are large companies who now have their strategy for cybersecurity ready to implement. What is clear is that this is a crowded marketplace. We expect to see significant consolidation, primarily through acquisitions but also with mergers and even some company failures. However, this consolidation has been predicted for some time and while funding for new companies did get harder for a while, it may be we have another couple of years before this has a significant impact on the industry as a whole.

6 – An increase in jobs and in diversity.
BeecherMadden were very excited this year when our research revealed an increase in the number of women in the cybersecurity industry. There is also a focus from organisations to increase their diversity in areas other than gender. With the well reported skills shortage, looking to different talent pools and training those at different life stages, is the only way to fill the gap. We expect to see the number of cybersecurity jobs to stay high and potentially see an large increase in the salaries available.

7 – A significant cyber terror attack takes place
Hopefully one that we can be wrong on! But there is growing talk in the industry of the possibility of a terror attack launched in cyber space; a cyber attack that causes widespread damage to a nation and even loss of life. The vulnerabilities in a nation’s infrastructure is an obvious risk. The progress made with technology in healthcare, transport and even household products mean we are all vulnerable.

Get in touch and let us know what you think we might see for the next year!

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