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Dan Raywood is the contributing editor of Infosecurity Magazine. He has written about IT security since 2008, having spent five years as news editor of SC Magazine, 20 months as Editor of IT Security Guru and six months as an Analyst in the Information Security Practice at 451 Research. He has spoken at 44CON, SecuriTay, SteelCon and Infosecurity Europe, as well as writing for a number of vendor blogs and presenting on webcasts.

Key points:
– To get ahead, you need mentors;
– Hiring is key as you will hire the people to enable the technologies to work;
– Accepting cybersecurity risk for the business is a huge step forwards

Key minutes:
1:40 – Why Dan got into journalism
6:00 – Starting in information security
8:45 – Connections over knowledge
10:00 – Breaking big news in Cyber Security
15:00 – State of Cyber Security
17:00 – Trends in Cyber Security
20:00 – GDPR
23:45 – Predictions for Cyber Security
29:40 – How do we improve the state of security?
30:30 – Next big topic in cyber security
32:20 – Objectives of a journalist
33:30 – Top ten questions

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