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Since 2015, BeecherMadden has conducted and published research on gender salary differences within cybersecurity.

Until 2018, our research found that women were being paid up to 30% more than their male equivalents. As well as the drive to increase diversity within the industry, women often gave from backgrounds that gave them more diverse skills. This contributed to the higher salaries.

That started to change in 2018, and we found no obvious differences in pay. Our research starts now for 2019. We use a number of methods to compare salaries within the industry, one of which is our survey where participants provide their own data. If you identify as female and work within cybersecurity, please complete our confidential survey, which we will compare to our industry-wide, 2019 data. The full report will be published in September 2019.


Our research starts here! Are women in cybersecurity being paid more, the same, or less than their male colleagues? Take our survey to compare to the industry benchmark.

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