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By Janoi Watson

Within the cyber sector, finding the best talent is crucial. Those employed within these roles must be individuals that are passionate about what they do and completely equip in what they do. Hiring and retaining the best talent in the cyber industry can be seen as ‘problematic’, this is due to the belief that the number of younger workers entering the labour market won’t be enough to replace those who are leaving. Surveys identifying skill shortages provide insight as to what plays a part in this “war for digital talent”, but it is important to understand what is going on by speaking to recruiters. Recruiters from a range of locations and industries are in agreeance that skill shortages are the main cause.

The conventional ‘one-size fits all’ approach to employer marking is no longer effective. The traditional businesses who are most successful at recruiting digital talent have carefully organised a separate digital employment brand to breakdown any unhelpful perceptions and properly sell themselves. A strong knowledge of the market you are recruiting in, alongside a good understanding of the technical needs of your business are the minimum entry requirements to be an effective recruiter in the digital marketplace.

The first step towards finding the best talent is knowing your ideal candidate. We prioritise this at BeecherMadden, this is because if you don’t know who the model candidate or candidate identity is for the company you are recruiting for, you will not be able to find candidates and attract them. Being aware of these people’s characteristics, motivation, skills, and preferences are extremely imperative for finding candidates that are a good fit for the company/companies you are recruiting for.

Job applicants look for clarity in the job advertisements in terms of the profile, company history, pay scale, career opportunities, etc. A smart recruiter provides a clear picture of every required detail in the job description. Recruiters should be able to clearly communicate job requirements and the benefits that come with this profile.

Given the current time we live in, social media is an amazing recruiting tool. Social recruiting allows you to share job posting with your entire network and encourages a two-way conversation. Even if the people you reach out to are not interested in the role for which you’re hiring, it’s possible that they may know someone who is a good fit thus leading to success either way.

Email marketing is also a great method, email marketing allows recruiters to grow their contact lists with minimum time and effort. Email is 40 times more successful at gaining new clients than both Facebook and Twitter combined. The biggest challenge with email marketing is ensuring that recipients open emails once they have signed up to receive them. The open rate of your emails can be checked by using tools provided by most email marketing platforms. Email marketing for recruiters works best when the recipients are anticipatingly looking out for your emails. Emails can include job offers, articles providing advice, information, and tips that will be of use to candidates.

In conclusion, finding the best talent may seem difficult on the surface but delving deeper by investing time and effort into using a range of resources to find suitable clients should be made a priority.

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