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Role Summary:

This company’s Response division is focused on helping clients spot possible threats and successfully prevent their business being compromised by intricate and new age cyber attackers in the current threat landscape, while assisting them to reduce the likelihood and severity of successful attack over the longer term.

What does the role involve?

  • Leading engagements
  • Working with clients in collaboration to find malicious activity on their networks.
  • Investigating incidents for clients via detailed network, host, malware, forensic, log, or intelligence analysis
  • Developing and maintaining the company’s intelligence holdings through exploration of the threat landscape and investigation of current and emerging threats.
  • In charge of engineering the systems
  • Designing placements and supporting an important proportion of team

Can I apply?

  • Experience in Forensics, Scripting and Malware analysis
  • Experience in Technical report writing
  • Do you have experience with client interaction?
  • Great leadership skills

As a leading UK and US Cybersecurity recruitment business, we would be excited to hear from you in order that we might help you progress your career, to discuss this opportunity in more detail, please contact 020 7382 7980 or

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