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A study by Security Company Arxan has revealed through a report named the “Arxan State of Application Security” that pirated software and available online content has increased by up to a quarter throughout the last three years.

Most of this, the report suggests, is due to hacks on both individuals and corporations of all sizes. “The findings prove that piracy is one of the greatest threats to intellectual property and creative content, highlighting the enabling role pirated releases play in spreading extremely harmful malware across a range of industries,” said Patrick Kehoe, chief marketing officer at Arxan.

The issues highlighted in the report appear would suggest that an increase of specialists in application security is required to fill application security jobs globally to prevent hackings and the spread of harmful malware.

Yet, according to Arxan, the obvious victims of these hacks are those already in application security jobs, such as creators and publishers. However, on a wider scale, enterprises spent almost $500 billion during the course of 2014 because of malware associated with pirated software.

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