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As we get into February, the number of interviews for cybersecurity jobs are increasing. Those who decided they wanted to move jobs in January, will be firmly in the recruitment process by now. So how do you increase your chance of landing the cybersecurity job of your dreams?

Have a positive reason for moving jobs
It can be really hard to not moan about your current employer, if you are not happy where you are. Being honest in an interview is important, but it is just as important to focus on the positives. Complaining about a previous company can make it seem as though you are difficult, not solutions focused, or lacking commercial awareness. Even if your reason is totally justified, it is better to focus on the positive reasons for making a move. Saying you are looking for career development, want to work with new technology or are looking for a different industry are all positive reasons, and they are likely true. You are almost certainly interested in a company because of the good things about that company or role, so focus on those.

Have some good examples lined up
You are likely to be asked for examples of when you have done things; proof that you know the theories your CV shows you know. Have some strong examples ready to talk about, which show off your key skills. Anything that saved time or money, or made a company more secure is going to be a good example. Practice these examples as well, so that you can talk about the clearly and concisely. There is nothing worse than a candidate that rambles and never quite gets across the good work they delivered. Also make sure that if you are asked for an example, you answer with an example and not just your general thoughts.

Read up on the company and your interviewer
It has never been easier to find out about the company and person you are interviewing with. Even those concerned about their own privacy, are likely to have some professional social media which will tell you about them. If they have recently published a cybersecurity article or expressed an opinion on some current news, take a few minutes to read about it. They are going to be impressed that you took the time to research it and it will potentially give you a talking point during the interview.

Have some questions ready to ask the company
At the end of the interview, have a couple of questions ready to ask the person you are meeting with. Hopefully, there will be things you really want to know about the role and this is your opportunity to ask. Sometimes, these things are covered during the interview so it’s worth having one or two extra questions lined up. It makes you look interested in the role. There is nothing worse than someone who says that they have no questions! If you are really struggling, ask them what they like about working there. It’s not likely to have been answered and will give you an insight into what it is really like to be an employee.

Use your recruitment agency
If like the majority of your peers, you expect to use a cybersecurity recruitment specialist to find your next role, use their expertise. They will have had many candidates interview at this company before, so ask them what to expect. They might be able to give you insight into the style of interview or typical questions. At BeecherMadden, we will give you this information, but make sure you are asking for it if your agency hasn’t told you this already.

The cybersecurity recruitment market moves very quickly at the moment. You can obtain a new job in just a few weeks. But it is worth making sure that it is the right role for you. Be clear on what you are looking for and use the interview as a time to check the role meets your criteria.

BeecherMadden have been recruiting into the cybersecurity market since 2010. With our long held industry relationships and data driven approach, we are ideally positioned to help you make the right career move.

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