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Mike Spain is an innovation and growth expert and neurodiversity advocate in the cyber sector with excellent links across UK Government, industry and academia. He is a driven, adaptable and innovative leader with influence at senior government and C-level industry. His leadership of diverse multi-organisational teams in complex and challenging environments consistently delivers measurable benefit.

Mike has over 10 years consulting experience across a variety of sectors including cyber, defence and government. He leads the operations of Cyber Growth Partnership and Cyber Exchange initiative, working passionately to enable growth of the UK cyber sector and development of a sustainable UK cyber ecosystem.

Key points:
– A diverse team could lead up to 50% greater performance, which would make any board sit up and listen.
– Neurodiversity will add another pool of talent that people may not be accessing when there is a skill shortage.
– We need to make sure that neurodiverse personal get access to an industry that actually has access like every other industry

Key minutes:
11:05: What is neurodiversity
13:10: Common barriers in the workplace
15:00: How to approach job listings
18:30: Coordinating at national level
20:15: How can recruiters do more to make this more accessible?
23:00: How can individuals improve the cyber security eco system?
25:20: Neurodiversity and cyber security in the future

You can find:
Mike at:
Cyber Exchange at:
Cyber Growth Partnership at:…m/3438-mike-spain

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