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We are a competitive group of people who are committed to delivering our honest views to our clients, candidates and each other.  As a result, our purpose is also very honest. We like to win. We want our clients to win by hiring the best people. We want our candidates to win as they progress in their careers. And we want to win by being better and more respected than our competition.

Everything we do, is focussed on this. We seek out the best companies to be our clients (sometimes they seek us out and we love that too). We want the best companies as our clients, because that means we can offer our candidates jobs at some of the best places to work. Best can mean a lot of different things. Maybe the company has an excellent leadership structure, maybe they promote a great work-life balance or maybe they are implementing a new and challenging security strategy. All of these things contribute to a company being great and those are the companies we want to work with.

We target and headhunt the best candidates to work with us. We take time to interview the candidates we work with so that we really understand what is important to you. Having a great CV is important but being the best candidate for our clients is also about culture fit and commitment, so we take the time to understand this. We know that money is important but that career progression means many different things and we need to help you select the best all-round option.  Getting you a job feels good but getting you the right job feels great and that is what’s important to us. If we have the best candidates, our clients have the best security teams and we’ve helped both parties win.

Winning for our clients and our candidates, in the core areas of what we do, helps us to be better than our competition. But we also want to win for our employees. We love the feeling of doing our job well and we want everyone who works for us to feel that way. We help you learn the industry, both cybersecurity and recruitment. We have a supportive environment where your colleagues want to see you do well. And we celebrate that success. From the small wins to the big ones, we celebrate and recognise those achievements.


So if our purpose resonates with you, then we would love to work from you. You can get in touch with our MD at to discuss that further.

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