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Douglas is the Vice President of Cyber Security Solutions at Special Counsel, an Adecco company. Douglas and his teams provide incident response, governance, compliance, and end-to-end preventative security solutions for clients across the globe. He is also the founder and host of Cyber Security Interviews.

Douglas has previously held leadership roles with Kivu Consulting, Kraft Kennedy, and Duff & Phelps after founding cybersecurity and technology consulting firms over the past two decades.

He has conducted hundreds of investigations involving data breaches, trade secret theft, insider threat, and a variety of other legal and compliance issues.

01:58 – Having parents working in consultancy
04:28 – Self Education
05:00 – First time finding cybersecurity
06:00 – Entering cybersecurity 
08:00 – Difference between cyber investigations and incident response
09:28 – Where are the incidents coming from?
12:06 – Common mistakes from organisations
13:29 – Insider Threat 
14:56 – Compliance landscape
16:04 – Step by step guide to handle an incident
20:33 – Speeding up detection
22:06 – Moving quickly but effectively through an incident
24:43 – Limiting damage to organisations
28:23 – Disruption of new communication and storage technologies
31:18 – Pressure from Consumers, regulators and investors
33:13 – The meaning of cybersecurity 
34:23 – Making security more transparent 
36:03 – Dealing with the evolving threat
37:53 – Coming out of your comfort zone
40:11 – Learn as much as you can 
42:29 – Ten quick fire questions

– A lot of organisations feel if they don’t see a problem it doesn’t exist.
– You have to know you are going to have an incident so you need to prepare your people for it
– Organisations are not taking the time when doing cloud implementation to build in security or even an incident response process.

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