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The Response Team for this company is habitually involved in Network Compromise Assessments and Incident Response Engagements involving huge, complex companies that are targeted by advanced hackers.  

The chosen candidate will work alongside the Response Team and monitor systems and examine prior compromises to recognise how attacks can extended and provide data to the client about which systems were retrieved, what data was stolen, and how to reduce the probabilities of similar attacks occurring in the future.

What does the role involve?

  • Engaging with customers to deploy necessary endpoint and networking monitoring tools
  • Ensure the effective running of existing systems, which includes regular maintenance and compliance with necessary regulations;
  • Supporting client engagements;
  • Sustaining and refining technical services and skills.
  • Providing technical support on conference calls and occasionally onsite.
  • Having an appreciation for how the Response toolsets are used with a view to continually improving service to users;
  • Ensure the effective running of existing systems
  • Support mentors by providing technical support on conference calls and sometimes onsite

Can I apply?

  • Extensive knowledge of Linux administration and application debugging techniques
  • Comprehensive knowledge of at least one scripting language
  • Wide-ranging knowledge of common network protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, TLS
  • Great knowledge of network administration
  • Understanding of Windows environments
  • Good knowledge of current and past Information Security threats;
  • Good knowledge of IDS principals, the purpose of them and an understanding of how they work;
  • Do you have excellent analysis skills and communication skills?
  • Do you have experience with digital forensics? (e.g. Encase, X-Ways)

As a leading UK and US Cybersecurity recruitment business, we would be excited to hear from you in order that we might help you progress your career, to discuss this opportunity in more detail, please contact 020 7382 7980 or

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