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Thomas has more than 25 years of experience, he has a unique view on enterprise security with experience across multiple domains from policy and risk management, secure development and enterprise incident response and forensics. Thomas has held roles varying from a security architect for a large fortune 500 company to consultant for both industry vendors and consulting organizations. He is an active participant in the InfoSec Community including being a director of Security BSides London.

Key Minutes:
2:35 Meeting Cyber Security for the first time
3:57 What is cyber security to you?
5:55 Individuals leading to the biggest threat
9:15 The most common threats
11:55 Will the threats go away?
13:00 How can we keep moving forwards to protect ourselves?
14:55 What is the main objective of any attack?
16:40 The more innovation is leaving us open to risk
20:15 How do we make the business aware of the risk?
24:00 What changes if you are communicating threats to the business?
27:07 Finding vulnerabilities in the business
28:14 What tools can be used to support this?
31:48 Managing the threat
33:52 How can individuals protect theirselves from the threats?
35:23 What about events, can they lead to cyber attacks?
37:53 Who will win hackers or organisations?
39:45 Ten Quick Fire Questions

Key Points:
– Security has to be an enabler
– An individual can be as destructive as a group
– You need talented staff to protect the business
– We can be in a better place by solving the simple issue.

You can find Thomas at:
Twitter: @fvt

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