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Tim is an award-winning C-Suite senior leader and champion of harnessing data to improve business outcomes. He is a strong believer in the power of the data narrative and the art of story-telling to enhance Board-level insight and in the need to bring data into the heart of the business. He was the British Army’s first Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytics Officer, before founding Ensifera Limited, a consultancy specialising in data, leadership and transformation. He was recently supporting Southern Water, as Head of Data Transformation.

Key Minutes:
02:25 – Learning in the environment of the Army
03:10 – Transitioning into Data
07:40 – How do you embed a vision with the use of data?
09:25 – Driving insight
11:10 – Is the success of an outcome linked to data?
13:00 – What data can be used?
15:10 – Financial value in ALL data
17:50 – Delivering the message up to board level
20:00 – Culture
22:00 – Being a leader in the data world
27:10 – How Important are people with this?
30:05 – Recruiting similar to you
31:15 – The gap between business and technology
34:15 – How do you build a data culture?
37:30 – The implementation of GDPR
39:00 – What’s been Tim’s biggest success?
40:15 – Ten quick fire questions

Key Points:
– You can link data together to provide better outcomes
– It allows organisations to make better decisions throughout the processes
– Guessing can lead to a more harmful culture

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